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We are now MADE IN IRON.

Same lineup, same show, better name !

New website www.madeinirontribute.com

Founded in 1997 at Québec City, Qc, Canada, POWER SLAVES has performed hundreds of shows :

Agora du Vieux Port de Québec - 4500 fans
Impérial - Sold Out
- Le Medley (Club Hommage) - Sold Out
- Club Soda
Sold Out
- Dagobert Night ClubSold Out
- Été Show Rock Budweiser - 4000 fans
- La Grande Traversée du Lac St-Jean - 6000 fans
- Festival de la Relève de Thetford Mines - 11000 fans
- Le Medley (MADE IN IRON Phase I, ticket $27.50) - 600 fans
Capitole de Québec (MADE IN IRON Phase II, ticket $43.50) - 750 fans

- And with PAUL DIANNO (IRON MAIDEN's former singer) - Impérial & Club Soda - Sold Out

Poster - Paul Dianno & Power Slaves 2006

Steve Harris & P.E.
Chez Dagobert, Québec City - 2005
POWER SLAVES meets IRON MAIDEN multiple times in Canada. Namely, in 1999, P.E. gives STEVE HARRIS the first POWER SLAVES' demo (a VHS tape!). In 2005, IRON MAIDEN personnaly attend a POWER SLAVES' after show at Chez Dagobert. DAVE MURRAY says : ''The tribute you are doing is a compliment to us''. JANICK GERS : ''Lots of emotions when you played Blood Brothers''. STEVE HARRIS : ''You guys keep it warm while we are away''. STEVE HARRIS buys P.E. a Miller lite.

Maxime Beauséjour & Nicko McBrain
Rock n Roll Ribs (Nicko's Restaurant), Coral Springs, FL - 2011

In 2008, after doing the rock circuit for over 10 years, POWER SLAVES decides to push the boundaries of the rock tribute concept and starts the MADE IN IRON project : the biggest Rock Tribute Show in the World! MADE IN IRON recreates the legendary and gigantic IRON MAIDEN 1984-85 WORLD SLAVERY TOUR.

Phil on stage with his first costume - 2008
Supported by experienced designers, POWER SLAVES recreates the enormous four-floor-stage, sumptuous Egyptian setup, the 10' tall Eddie, and all the flamboyant costumes... including the famous spandex! The staging and songlist is to be identical to LIVE AFTER DEATH

MADE IN IRON Phase I - 2009
In 2009, POWER SLAVES presents MADE IN IRON - Phase One, at Le Medley, Montréal. In a setting that overwhelms the hall, the band brings the goods : giant stage, huge setup, dry ice, stunning lighting and, as always, impeccable musicianship. Everything that was promised is delivered and more than 600 passionate fans celebrate this historical moment !

MADE IN IRON Phase I - 2009

As 2010 starts we begin Phase Two. Stage designers enlarge the setup to reach the same size as that of IRON MAIDEN and create a second Eddie, this time a monstrous 25' tall one! The MADE IN IRON show is running in all its excess at the Théâtre du Capitole de Québec before 750 fans dazzled by a production not seen since the WORLD SLAVERY TOUR 1984 !

MADE IN IRON Phase II - 2010

These pictures are being seen all around the world and POWER SLAVES is approached to perform in the USA, France and South America. Touring in these countries is being studied as you read this.

POWER SLAVES keeps on performing their classic The Golden Years of Iron Maiden show on the circuit, namely for the Club Hommage at L'Impérial and Club Soda. The next MADE IN IRON shows are scheduled here : Schedule MADE IN IRON.

Update 2012 : Visit the Thanks Section now to see many pictures of that amazing MADE IN IRON show @ Le Capitole de Québec, April 13, 2012.

Thanks to Iron Maiden and to all the fans who keep seeing us live again and again. You are our best motivation to keep going forward.