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We are now MADE IN IRON

Same lineup, same show, better name !

New website www.madeinirontribute.com

January 29, 2013 : It is done, we are now MADE IN IRON

Allright ladies, forget Power Slaves and everything, we are now MADE IN IRON.
As explained previously (see other news below) we have decided to burrow the name Power Slaves and to be MADE IN IRON.

The current website is not updated anymore but will be kept as an archive for the fans who want to know everything about the past of the band.

Now there is a new website that is 100% up to date and it is : www.madeinirontribute.com

There you can know everything about our current shows, namely :
- Olympia de Montréal, May 4, 2013
- Capitole de Québec, May 25 2013

Thanks for visiting us and don't forget to put our new website in your bookmarks !

January 16, 2013 : MADE IN IRON is back in Québec City!

Yes dear friends, MADE IN IRON will be @ Capitole de Québec, May 25, 2013

This will be our 3rd show at the Capitole and we expect the hall to be lovely jampacked.

Tickets to be put online very soon, Stay tuned for more info!

November 1, 2012 : MADE IN IRON is back in Montréal !

MADE IN IRON presents : Live After Death, the Iron Maiden Experience 1984 @ L'Olympia de Montréal, May 4, 2013

Finally we are back in Montréal with the huge show! For the first time in Montréal, MADE IN IRON - Phase II ! 

Godamnit don't miss it to cry after that we dont play often enought! And see the Schedule MADE IN IRON for all the details.

R.I.P. Power Slaves

1997 - 2012

Long Live MADE IN IRON !!

2013 -    

October 5, 2012 : Power Slaves will become MADE IN IRON

That's right, the band will leave its name Power Slaves
to officially become MADE IN IRON.

MADE IN IRON was the name of Power Slaves' project
to rebuild Iron Maiden's legendary World Slavery Tour 1984.
That project was launched in 2009. Since then we often tough that
MADE IN IRON would be a better name for our band than Power Slaves.

First, MADE IN IRON is a strong, straight-on-target name.
It is very close to Iron Maiden and an precise/intuitive way to tell what we do.
Also, it is more simple to remember
and to be written properly by anyone that talks about us.
Finally, MADE IN IRON is a great name to build a striking, powerfull logo.

Now the names of our two different shows will become :

MADE IN IRON presents
The Golden Years of Iron Maiden

MADE IN IRON presents
Live After Death

The Iron Maiden Experience 1984

A new website on a new web address is in construction.
The current website will stay available but eventually we will stop updating it.
New name and website will be effective january 1st 2013.

Everything else stay as is.
Same band, same lineup, same shows.

R.I.P Power Slaves

** Long live MADE IN IRON **

October 31, 2012 : MADE IN IRON'S succession is assured !

This is Bruno and his newborn son, Yvo.

Yvo was born the 6th day of the 9th month of 2012
and has allready started to learn the culture of Iron Maiden.

But more important, Yvo is in perfect shape and health.

Congratulations Éveline & Bruno

And happy Halloween everyone !

September 18, 2012 : New poster for 2013

This is the new poster for the Festivals in 2013



NICE !?!

Yes yes, very nice.

Ok thanks.

September 1, 2012 : New booking agency for Power Slaves

Power Slaves is proud to announce that the band will now work along with
Productions Pelletier,
one of the biggest booking agency around, to promote our shows in Québec and french Canada.

Expect Power Slaves/MADE IN IRON to be seen as twice as usual
next summer 2013 in the festivals !

August 15, 2012 : Special show @ Montreal in September

Power Slaves present :

The Golden Years of Iron Maiden show

With many special guests
- Kolony
- Openfieldz
- And old friends coming on stage with the band !

This will be an intimate show, close to our friends, so bring
your ass there and come make the party with us !!

Friday Septembre 28
@ Les Katacombes, 1635, St-Laurent

Tickets on sale now, see the poster
and visit Facebook for all the details

See you there fellas !!

August 9, 2012 : New Interview

Toronto's Maisonneuve Magazine Interview
by John Semley with P.E. Drolet

Why do Quebecers adore Iron Maiden, one of hard rock's
quintessentially British bands?


Enjoy !

July 22, 2012 : New video

We put a new video on Youtube

This time an instrumental one!

Tell us what you think of it,
comment it on Youtube

June 27, 2012 : New poster - The Golden Years show

This is the new poster for Power Slaves' show :

The Golden Years of Iron Maiden

Click on the image for full size

Max on his drums - Technical setup
May 31, 2012 : Press section updated

Visit the Press Section and

enjoy the many new articles,

videos and reviews

about Power Slaves

and the MADE IN IRON Project

Max on his drums - Live

The band upstairs right after the show. Picture by Pierre Ménard.
May 2, 2012 : New MADE IN IRON pictures

Hell yeah !!

Some of the best pictures in Power Slaves' history
were taken on our last MADE IN IRON show

Visit the Thanks Section and enjoy !!

April 24, 2012 : Thank you !

That last MADE IN IRON show...
How to say...
Amazing....simply Amazing

More people in the hall than ever
And an impeccable staging

How can we explain that our dream is coming true ?

Everybody involved in this show played it's part perfectly

That's how : with an exceptional team
...and a thousand of passionate crazy fans

Please visit the updated Thanks section

The band and the crowd - The very last seconds of the show

April 10, 2012 : Bruno's new outfits

Bruno ordered a lot of new outfits to go on tour with the band
We are stuned by the awesome looks !

Bruno and his new outfits

April 9, 2012 : Maiden with classical guitar !

Acoustic performance with Phil and P.E.
Phantom of the Opera, Powerslave

And a short talk about the incoming show
at Le Capitole de Quebec

CHOI FM 98.1, Quebec city, April 6, 2012
With Dany Houle and Martine Albert

Watch it on Youtube

Phil's new outfit
April 5, 2012 : New costumes !

Before today, Power Slaves' costumes were based on
various outfits worn by Maiden during the
World Slavery Tour 1984-85

We are now creating exact replicas of
the costumes worn on the Live After Death video

Left : Phil Dickinson's new outfit
Below it, a zoom on the new buckle of Eddie
Right : P.E. Smith's new outfit

Costumes for Fred Murray, Bruno Harris
and Max McBrain beeing updated as well

All that will be ready on
Friday April the 13th

P.E.'s new outfit

April 3, 2012 : New video interview with Phil and Max

Phil and Max talk about the next MADE IN IRON show
at Le Capitole

Interview made by Patrick Pigeon
from MusikUniverse.net

In french

March 29, 2012 : Something dark is on the way

Guest who's coming

On 13-4-2012

Reaper's Blade

Eddie on air
March 20, 2012 : New radio interview

Get a 10 minutes summary of the whole MADE IN IRON project
In this interview with P.E. @ CKIA 88.3 FM

Click here to acces Youtube : www.youtube.com

Interview was in french

March 14, 2012 : Power Slaves attacks Manitoba !

For the first time since 2007
Power Slaves will be flying to Manitoba
To play at the

Icelandic River Rock Festival

During this very special event
Power Slaves will share the stage with Anvil
And with many other well established canadian tribute bands

Power Slaves will be live on stage on Saturday july 28, 2012
And - Fasten your belt! - will perform the integral Live After Death songlist
And! will bring some key-visual-elements of the MADE IN IRON show !

Canadians metal heads, don't miss such a unique festival
Visit www.icelandicriverrockfest.ca
Website to be online The Ides of March
And get your tickets for this weekend of metal madness !

Scream for me Manitoba !!

February 20, 2012 : Radio Announcements

Turn on your Radio and listen up soldiers!
Power Slave's MADE IN IRON show is intensely announced @ FM 93.3, CHOI FM & Radio X2
Click a radio station logo to hear a spot

2012 Power Slaves' Poster

February 15, 2012 : New Poster

We are proud to present the new
Power Slaves's poster
for the next

@ Le Capitole de Québec
April 13, 2012
See image on the left

The background of the new poster features
the MADE IN IRON stage, the boys, the fans,
and Eddie!

Poster's actual size is 24'' x 36''
It looks particularly awesome
in the kitchen or the baby room

On the right we put the 2010 poster as a souvenir

Did you know?
You can grab your own genuine
Power Slaves new poster
at the merch stand
at every MADE IN IRON show

2012 Power Slave's (MADE IN IRON) Poster

January 4, 2012 : Promotions for Le Capitole

Happy new year you Metal maniacs !

There are promotions available for the MADE IN IRON show at Le Capitole.
Get your Ticket of the Beast or your Headbanger Gear before the event!

See the MADE IN IRON Schedule for all details.

Power Slaves live - The MADE IN IRON show 2010

Power Slaves live - The MADE IN IRON show 2010
December 8, 2011 : Tickets on sale now for Le Capitole - Friday April 13 2012

Get your tickets now to see the next MADE IN IRON show
@ Le Capitole de Québec, Friday April 13, 2012.
Tickets available on Billetech and at the Capitole's Ticket booth

How about a genuine Metal Christmas gift ?

November 25, 2011 : MADE IN IRON @ Le National, Montreal

Yes we are back for you, Montreal's metal heads!
MADE IN IRON - Phase I was launched at Le Medley in 2009
and since then we are asked do it again on the island.

But we will do much more, much better :
For the first time in Montreal, MADE IN IRON - Phase II !
@ Le National
Bigger stage, bigger lighting, bigger Eddie !

*** Saturday June 2, 2012 ***

Tickets available December 15, 2011
Le National's ticket booth

MADE IN IRON gonna get ya !

Power Slaves live - The MADE IN IRON show 2010

Power Slaves live - The MADE IN IRON show 2010
Octobre 12, 2011 : MADE IN IRON @ Capitole 

Here we go people!
MADE IN IRON is back in town and will be on stage
@ Théâtre du Capitole de Québec
*** Friday April 13, 2012 ***

Tickets available December 1, 2011
Capitole's ticket booth

Up the irons !!

The MADE IN IRON Project, Phase I - 2009

October 1, 2011 : Maxime meets Maiden

Hi everyone. Here are some pictures of Maxime (Power Slaves' drummer) with Iron Maiden in Québec City in 2010. Maiden played at Plaines d'Abraham that summer in front of 80'000 crazy fans. Maiden were housed at Le Concorde Hotel and Maxime used some tricks to reach them and then took some pictures with them. Enjoy!

Maxime also met Nicko in 2011 at his restaurant in Florida.
See the Bio section for picture.
Max along with Bruce, Dave and Jannick - 2010

September 9, 2011 : Making of MADE IN IRON

See MADE IN IRON's making of : Visit the Archives section now !

Also, all press articles about Power Slaves are now online in the Press section.

Eddie - The Profecy

The eye of Horus - Powerslave album

September 6, 2011 : Many new videos !

See the brand new videos of Power Slaves' latest live performances in 2011.
Visit the Videos section. 

August 28, 2011 : The website is growing !

Sections done :
- Biography
- Pictures : MADE IN IRON
- Pictures : The Golden Years of Iron Maiden

Under construction :
- Archives. Videos and stories of the Making of MADE IN IRON, Phases I (2009) and Phase II (2010).
- Videos. We are currently watching videos from our latest shows. These videos are of very good quality and we are planning on putting many of them onnline very soon.

Eddie - Virus

July 18, 2011 MADE IN IRON will soon be back in town !!

We are visiting a couple of new venues in order to plan more MADE IN IRON shows out there.

Sherbrooke : The Granada offers excellent possibilities. The stage is just big enough to house our own giant stage. The venue has a cachet that fits with Iron Maiden's spirit. And there's more, the Granada is presently planning on acquiring new sound and ligntning equipment and this should be ready for early 2012.

Québec City : We visited many venues in Québec City and the Théâtre du Capitole stays as first choice. The stage is ideal to fully deploy the armament. The crowd filled most of the floor in 2010, and we expect it to be overflowing at the next show !

Montréal : After the succesful launch of Phase I of MADE IN IRON at Le Medley in 2009, we are now seeking a new venue to produce the show in Montréal. Club Soda is fine for our classic show The Golden Years of Iron Maiden but clearly it is impossible to deploy MADE IN IRON there. We are negociating with two major venues in Montréal and the selected one will be confirmed soon.

July 13, 2011 : New website for Power Slaves !

Welcome to our new website! At last we will be able to present, in our way and words, the information about the band, shows and everything else !

The new website will include many specific sections. Namely pictures and videos, as well as reviews, all the news and also the Making of MADE IN IRON. A very important section will be dedicated to thank everyone that has a part in our success, and links to everyone whom are close to Power Slaves. Finally we plan to add a section to communicate with our fans since we want to stay in touch with you guys and we are interested in any suggestion you could have. Oh, and there will be a 'fun' section filled anectodes because everything with Power Slaves is not all serious and many strange or hilarious things happen on the road !

This website is destined both to the industry and the fans. We will see that some sections are definitely oriented to promote our shows, while others are more to inform and stay in contact with our fans. Stay tuned and come here regularly, the website is under construction and will soon make giant steps ahead!

February 9, 2011 : New Drummer : Maxime Beauséjour

Many thanks to Mathieu Groulx for these 3 years of excellent and loyal service in Power Slaves. You are a solid grooving drummer and you brought a lot of positive to Power Slaves, whether on stage or your participation in various projects like the first MADE IN IRON poster. You will always be welcome at our shows... and parties! We wish you the best success everywhere!

Welcome Maxime Beauséjour, the new drummer for Power Slaves !

Maxime began playing drums at 10. It was... Iron Maiden music; and since, he has gotten closer to Nicko's playing everyday. He recently acquired a powerful drumkit identical to Nicko's on Live After Death. Nothing is left to hazard with Max : the spirit, energy, integrity. Seeing Max playing is like seeing Nicko live! Max McBrain listens to a prodigious quantity of live versions of Iron Maiden. An Iron Maiden fanclub member, he is a walking encyclopedia on the band. Maxime has been following Power Slaves for years, he saw our shows again and again at Le Medley and our videos on the Internet before being invited to join our team. He has also created an exceptional Youtube page (Close to 200 000 views in a single year!) where we can see him play much of Iron Maiden's vast discography : http://www.youtube.com/user/maxmcbrain666.

Max on his drums - During his first gig with Power Slaves